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Pittsburgh, Pa
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Destiny Salih (born May 11, 2001) known professionally as Lucid Vizions, is an American singer, rapper, fashion designer and painter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Destiny was introduced to music in the womb; she knows this because her mother told her. Throughout her infancy, Destiny would sing Stevie Wonder songs with her mother. As she grew older, she began to have an appreciation for music in general and broadened her music selection. Destiny didn’t just listen to music, she studied it and began to be inspired by all music as she developed a knowledge of the many flows, styles and tempos music has. Being a music listener is good for some people, but if you know Destiny, you know it doesn’t just stop there, Destiny then decided that she wanted to be a music artist because it looked fun, after seeing other music artists perform on the Black Entertainment Television network (BET). Destiny started recording music at Carlow University and came up with the name Lucid Vizions (LV). Shortly after LV recorded her first songs, her friend submitted them to Out for Ducketts Entertainment. OFD Entertainment reached out to LV and set up a meeting with her in 2020. LV then accepted OFD Entertainment’s offer and she has been a solid member ever since.