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Pittsburgh, Pa

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Stacia Hawthorne(born April 23 2001, better known as Stacia Vonne, an 20 year old singer, song-writer, dancer, photographer/entrepreneur motivational speaker and mother. My biggest thing I want to do in music and everything I do is inspire, educate and heal all communities. 

I have two businesses “BYTPGH” and “Pittsburgh Artists .“ BYTPGH is a youth program that I started in 2018 to educate youth about environmental issues, spirituality, and introduce yoga, meditation and mental health importance. Pittsburgh Artists is an upcoming organization to bring love and support to the community and streets to all the artists throughout my city. I have a lot of plans to expand both. Throughout my life, music has always been huge to me as my parents played music around the house almost everyday leading me to begin singing. They say it all started when I was two years old and sang the entire “ We Belong Together “song by Mariah Carey. After that they knew I’d become some type of performing artist. My years of growing up I always performed at family functions /reunions. Of all these experiences, singing at talent shows was my favorite. I participated in my very first talent show when I was only 8 , singing and dancing to “Irreplaceable “ by Beyoncé and winning second place. After that I did my second talent show at my school in 4th grade singing “I Believe I Can Fly “ by R Kelly. Throughout the rest of my years I’ve done numerous performances at my school leading me to join my school choir in 2017. In 2018 I began my journey as song writer, writing my very first song “ Ego” to a Tribe Called Quest YouTube beat. In the song I go into spirituality and consciousness of the ego and the importance of not being consumed by it. After I opened that door to the awareness that I can write music is when I started taking it seriously in 2019 when I began my newest journey of taking my singing and poetry to the public streets of Pittsburgh searching for open mics to perform at. In January 2020 I had a last minute opportunity to perform at this event which of course I said yes to the offer and that is when OFD ENTERTAINMENT discovered me. I have so much in store music and business-wise, while continuing my journey of getting back into school, being a young entrepreneur and mother.